Crispy Pork Roast – with whiskybutter

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This is somewhat of a Danish national dish. A crispy pork rind is the best there is. Here- injected with Whiskybutter for taste- then the roast rotates on a skewer to make a real good crust. 

If You do not have a rotisserie – it works just fine grilling indirectly. 

 You need: 

  • 1 pork roast with rind 
  • Salt, pepper 
  • 50 gr butter 
  • 2 tbsp Whisky
  • Thyme


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Här sprutar jag in whiskysmör med Sagaforms marinadspruta


  • Cut/incise  rind ca 1 cm apart 
  • Put water to a boil, pour some in an oven proof form 
  • Häll lite i botten av en ugnsform.
  • Place meat, rind down, into water – makes rind soft and then crisp during grilling
  • Leave for 10 min
  • Whipe rind dry, salt generously
  • Prepare grill for indirect heat – 175 degr C
  • Place steak on rotisserie skewer 
  • Chop thyme, melt butter together with the whisky – then pour through a sieve as not to get pieces of herbs in the syringe 
  • When steak/roast has done half time – inject w Whisky butter 
  • Continue grilling till about  57 degr C .
  • Move your coal holders directly under rotisserie for direct heat and searing the rind till it ”pos” and gets real crispy.
  • Make sure innertemp of roast is above 65 C 
  • Let rest when done

    Serve in a classic Danish fashion – with boiled potates, red cabbage, gravy and applesauce. 

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  1. Fredrik Levin skriver:

    Vad är ungefärlig grilltid?

  2. Kan inte den lilla nöffen få en liten virre om dagen i stället?


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