Drumsticks with glaze

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For Christmas – in Sweden – one does not ordinarily see so much of chicken-dishes, a bit odd, really.

Chicken legs go very well with all other good food on Christmas – plus both kids and adults love them. This recipe is with a Swedish brew Julmust – but can be replaced w Coke or maybe Dr Pepper. 

You need: 

  • Chicken legs /wings/Drumsticks 
  • Bone dust rub (Recipe  Here)
  • JulmustglazHÄR)
  • Smoke chunks/ of and to your taste – apple is usually a hit with Xmas flavours
  • Procedure: 
  • Rub chicken with  the Bonedustrubben
  • prepare grill – indirect heat approx  125-150 centrigrades
  • Add smoke chunks and then let the chicken lay … 
  • Meanwhile, make the glaze 
  • Last 10 min – brush chicken w glaze
  • Inner temp 75 centigrades – = DONE 
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