Grilled Seabream- 2 ways

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Seabream loves the grill! Ideally fatty and adds on the flavours from the grill. A bit like Perch actually, which is a more common fish in Swedish waters. 

Hot and a couple of minutes each side, makes a crusty skin. 

I give You two suggestions for seasoning. One with honey, coconut, chili and lemon, the other with sumak and chili. Take your pick! Or try them both!

Seabream with Sumak and chili

You need:

  • Seabream (approx 1 piece of fish per portion, not much meat on them…) 
  • 1 lemon and / or lime
  • Sumak (a mediterranean spice, sour taste) 
  • Chilipowder
  • Salt, Pepper
  • olive oil


  • Scale the fish and cleanse, cut of fins 
  • Score or cut crisscross across fish belly on both sides 
  • Mix sumak, chili, salt and pepper.
  • Brush fish w oliveoil and add /sprinkle over spicemix – rub it in the cuts 
  • Slice lemon and fill the fish with the fruit

Seabream with Honey, lemon, chili and coconut

You need: behöver:

  • Seabream
  • 1 lemon
  • Liquid honey
  • coconut flakes
  • Chiliflakes
  • Olive oil
  • You might want a grid for the fish 



  • Scale, rinse and remove fins 
  • Make cuts along side of fish belly both sides 
  • Mix honey, flakes of coconut and chili, to your taste
  • Squeeze lemon juice in – to your taste
  • Slice lemon and halve the slices
  • Brush fish in oil quite generously 
  • Brush on mixture of honey and spice
  • Push lemonslices into cuts
  • Rest of filling goes into the belly of fish

At the grill:

  • For both suggestions for seasoning, grilling technique is similar 
  • Prepare grill for direct heat
  • Place fish in grid , preferably brushed with oil before
  • Grill Seabream both sides a couple of minutes or till flesh is white, nice and falls of bones easily
  • Serve the whole fish on plate with sides of your choice

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